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Video-Review: Paper Republic “Grand Voyageur” Travelers Notebook

Travelers notebooks are a quite popular everyday-carry for many people around the world for the reason of these notebooks being sturdy, flexible (i.e. containing – often many – interchangeable inserts) and good looking. Paired with a nice fountain pen, travelers notebooks make for an excellent companion for note-taking when out and about. A quick Google image search for the term “traveler’s notebook” reveals a myriad of ways on how people get really creative on how to fill, decorate, or even make these themselves.

Beside the ‘original’ (or rather: most well known) travelers notebook, there are in the meantime quite a few companies that makes these notebooks – the Vienna (Austria)-based PaperRepublic being one of them. They make a version of the travelers notebook that they call the “Grand Voyageur”, which I found a nice and well made interpretation of the notebook.

Since I wanted to review one of them for these pages here, I am very grateful to the kind people of in Spain, who organized for one of these notebooks for me to review. Check their site for more info – you can also get the Grand Voyageur in the two available sizes “Passport” and “XL” from their webshop (no affiliate), if you like.

The video review is, as always, preceded by some quick facts. Again, I hope the review is helpful and that you enjoy watching it!

Quick Facts

  • Paper Republic “Grand Voyageur” travelers notebook
  • Made from vegetable-tanned leather (more about the material here)
  • Available in the two sizes “Passport” and “XL” as well as a number of different leather colors and closure-strap colors
  • Cost: 40 €

Video Review

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