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Video-Review: Franklin-Christoph model 02 Intrinsic & Masuyama Needlepoint

Franklin-Christoph is a very interesting company that undoubtedly has many fans out there in the pen community. They are famous not least for their distinctive model 66 eyedropper demonstrator pen or for the super practical pen case Penvelope Six that I have already reviewed.

Another pretty iconic product that Franklin-Christoph makes is the pen model 02 (also: Intrinsic). It looks fantastic in a transparent finish, because it can be eyedroppered as well, but is also an interesting pen in a solid color: the pen has a very distinctive shape that not only looks unique, but also allows for very deep posting of the cap. On top of that, Franklin-Christoph offers a massive range of nib-options to choose from – from Extra Fine to Broad Stub or Music Nibs. And as if that were not already enough, there is a good couple of Masuyma-tuned nibs available as well. Being a lover of fine and extra fine nibs, the opportunity of checking out a Masuyama Needlepoint on the iconic model 02 made me jump onto the pen as soon as the kind people of Franklin-Christoph offered one for review. I am glad I can bring this one to you!

The video review is, as always, preceded by some quick facts. Again, I hope the review is helpful and that you enjoy watching it!

Quick Facts

  • Franklin-Christoph model 02 (Intrinsic)
  • Available in a number of different finishes (the one reviewed here is called “Black & Cinnamaroon”)
  • Pen made from acrylic
  • Body designed for deep posting and balanced writing with or without posting
  • Cartridge/converter-filler (standard international) – can also be eyedropper-filled
  • Available nib-options: 12 factory options and 10 Masuyama customized options (the one reviewed here with a Steel Masuyama Needlepoint)
  • Price: 195 $

Video Review

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