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Video-Review: The Superior Labor Leather Pen Roll & “What’s in my pen roll”

Pen storage can be a delicate subject. When you spend a few weekly grocery shoppings (or more) worth on pens, you might wanna rest assured that they’re well-protected when you’re taking such pens with you. This is exactly why I personally never really liked pen rolls, but mostly favored slotted pen pouches with separate compartments, where I know my pens won’t touch and potentially scratch. The flip side of the coin with those pen pouches, however,  is that these are rarely able to accommodate other random stuff such as pencils, a sharpener, and the like. This has more often than not forced me to carry a couple of separate items with me (eg. a pencil case and a pen pouch) – and this, again, is a point in case where pen rolls come in handy.

The Superior Labor leather pen roll has many fans out there and is supposed to be one of the best pen rolls available. What convinced me to try it for a review was the large leather flap that folds over and fully covers the pens, making sure they won’t touch on one another once you roll up that piece. Does that work out well? Check it out in the video-review below!

Before we hop straight into things, I wanna take the chance to thank the kind people over at Nomado Store for sending me this pen roll and making this review possible. If you like, check out their website for more cool Japanese stationery and items for people on the move.

The video review is, as always, preceded by some quick facts. Again, I hope the review is helpful and that you enjoy watching it!
Please note: The video consists of two parts. The first half is the actual review of the pen roll. The second part is a quick walk through of what I personally normally carry with me in my pen roll on a daily basis. I included the second part upon request of a couple of viewers/followers/readers that expressed interest in that. If you are not interested in that but the review only, then it is only the first half of the video that may be relevant to you.

Quick Facts

  • The Superior Labor “Leather Pen Roll”
  • Made from tanned leather
  • Available in 4 different colors: nature (beige), light brown (cognac), dark brown (chestnut) and black
  • Closes with a belt-like leather strap and a buckle
  • 4 compartments: 3 narrower (to fit e.g. two pens each) and 1 wider (to fit more pens, a travel watercolor kit or a A6 pocket notebook)
  • Price: 114 €

Video Review

Picture Gallery

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  1. Bill Robinson Bill Robinson

    Very good review. Before viewing this video I was undecided on purchasing a Superior Labor pen roll. I am now convinced of it’s usefulness and have placed an order for one. Thank You very much!

    • Scrively Scrively

      Thank you very much for your feedback! Let me know when you hold it in your hands and how you like it!

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