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Video-Review: Franklin-Christoph “Penvelope Six” (Pencase)

There are some really nice pen cases and sleeves out there for when you wanna carry around anything in between one and three pens. But as soon as you wanna carry some more nicer pens for work, studies, or a vacation, the choice gets somewhat limited. I am saying ‘nicer pens’, because I do assume a certain category of ‘pen transport solution’ here, which is the one for when you have pens that need or should get a little more protection. Of course you can always throw a hundred color pencils, highlighters, and BICs in an empty old tin, bit this is not what we talk about here.

Now, there are quite a few pen rolls out there (such as the quite famous Superior Labor one), but these often give me some sort of a slight unease, because they tend to cram or squeeze the pens together and all that. There is very (very!) few really good hard – or ‘near hard’ – cases available. One of these few options is the, maybe not less famous, Franklin-Christoph “Penvelope Six”. I am glad to call one of these my own, and not less happy that I, after a couple of months of having it with me, finally got around to shooting a review of it for you.

Now on to the video below, which is, as always, preceded by some quick facts. Again, I hope the review is helpful and that you enjoy watching it!

Quick Facts

  • Franklin-Christoph “Penvelope Six”
  • Available in FxCel leather or fabric (the one reviewed here is brown leather)
  • Accommodates 6 pens – the single slots are (almost) fully separated top to bottom
  • Closes with a concealed magnet lock
  • Ribbed cloth interior
  • Price: around 75 $

Video Review

Click on the photos to enlarge.

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