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Paper by 53: Updated Version

The updated version of Paper by 53 is out since a bit. I use it on my iPad mini and love it for a little brainstorming, a rough jotting or a quick sketch, hunch or idea.

Once done, I arrange and sort stuff within the app and then send it out to be embedded in my other workflows (e.g. a blog post, OneNote, a Word-document, or a mind map).

The app is free to download and quick and easy to use with any stylus (or just the finger).


  1. This used to be my favorite iPad app until they decided to forgo the Moleskine-esque journals and decided to clutter the interface with a ton of tools that didn’t really made sense neither improve upon the app’s original aim.

    Nowadays, I don’t use it anymore. The thing that remains with me is their Pencil stylus, but even that is getting a little tired for me. I like the design and the material (wood version) but this thing chews tips faster than the time a fountain pen empties a short international cartridge!

    Really expected big things out of 53. In the end, guess they became like the Microsoft company they previously were in.

    • Scrively Scrively

      Yeah, same here. I do mostly use it for some digital sketching and doodling around. For serious digital note-taking, I like OneNote most.
      As for the pencil stylus, I never had a chance to try it out. I found it a but pricey to just buy as a review item, so I asked them for one for the page. As far as I remember, they didn’t even bother to even respond to my request. Spoke for either arrogance or an unprofessional PR/Marketing/Social Media-department, for me.

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