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Moleskine Cahier-style bargain

It was one of those rare days that I had (in this case: fortunately) left the house without a notebook – and straight got into the situation of needing one, of course. Murphy’s Law. You know, right?!

So I went into one of Stockholms TGR-stores that luckily was around the corner in order to look for a quick fix, since they normally have pretty cheap stationaries available. I didn’t want to spend much money on a high quality product, because I basically just wanted some sheets to scribble something down – and I had my nicer notebooks home.

Having that said, just at TGR’s entrance door, I bumped into this nice little notebook here and thought that might be a good fit for the moment.


I probably grabbed it, because with it’s rounded edges and style, it reminded me of the 13x21cm Moleskine Cahiers that I quite like. The Molsekine ones normally come packed together as three, while the one I got at TGR just came as a one-pack. Same size though.

It has the same beige-colored sort of paper than Moleskine (and many other journals) and it’s bound with a yellowish thread, which looks quite nice.


The paper feels quite smooth and is maybe around 80 to 90g/sqm (my guess). The journal has 34 pages – but unlike the Moleskine ones, no back pocket for v-cards to something like that.

The TGR-notebook here was costing 20 Swedish Crowns (SEK), which is around 2 Euro. The three-pack of the Moleskine Cahiers goes for around 10 Euro on Amazon, so the one I grabbed costs about two thirds or so of the Moleskine ones. That’s an alright deal, I guess.

As I got home, I checked TGR’s online shop, but they do not seem to have those notebooks available there. Maybe not yet. Or maybe those are temporarily in stock only. Anyway, it’s a quite nice journal.


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