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Video-Review: Winkpen (Cartridge-Conververter Glass Dip-Pen Hybrid)

The Winkpen is a rather new product and an interesting concept, since it combines some of the characteristics of a glass dip-pen with some of a fountain pen. This makes it an interesting and unique hybrid – to my knowledge, there is no comparable product on the market at the moment.

However, this hybridity of being neither a glass-dip pen, nor a fountain pen (or: both and – as you prefer) in my opinion also poses some challenges to the concept. Check out the video review below to see why.

The review is, as always, preceded by some quick facts. Again, I hope the review is helpful and that you enjoy watching it! But before we hop into things, allow me a second to thank Jessica Chan, owner and founder of Winkpens, for her generosity of having sent me the pen that I review here.

Quick Facts

  • Winkpen
  • Cartridge-Conververter fed Glass Dip-Pen Hybrid
  • Barrel made from glas, other pens parts made from plastic
  • Designed to be used with ‘alternative inks’ (e.g. wine, coffee, fruit juice, or any liquid with staining properties) as well as regular fountain pen inks
  • Hand-made glass nib
  • Price: 129 $

Video Review

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