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Video-Review: Waldmann Edelfeder

All good things come in threes, they say. So, after the review of the Waldmann Concorde and the Waldmann Précieux, here now comes one on the Waldmann Edelfeder.

I am very happy to be able to bring you another one of the Southern German ‘black-forest makes’ right here, as these pens do not get covered all that frequently, hence it is rather tricky to find some reviews on them.

Check out the video-review below, which is as always preceded by some quick facts. Again, I hope the review is helpful and that you enjoy watching it!

Quick Facts

  • Waldmann Edelfeder
  • Sterling silver body with a polished lacquer & cap with a guilloche pattern (component parts rhodium plated)
  • Fills with standard international cartridges/converter
  • Available 18k gold-nib options: Extra Fine (EF), Fine (F), Medium (M), Broad (B)
  • Price: ca. 450 €

Video Review

Picture Gallery

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  1. Marta Marta

    Hi. Could you help me? I have an option to buy the cheaper version with steel nib second hand for 500 PLN, which is around 110 EUR. Do I buy it or save more for the better version? I kinda don’t mind the whole “gold-or-steel-discussion” in general, but if the difference in quality and so on is very substantial, I could save more.

    The way the current owner presents it, the pen isn’t damaged, but it was a gift from ex-mil, who wouldn’t accept it back and is a very difficult person, so the owner can’t use it as a gift for a clos(er) friend or a relative. The lady would notice immediately. Hence a relatively low price.
    Supposedly it sits in a box and has never been used. Possibly gifted 4-6 years ago, the owner doesn’t have the original receipt.

    No offence meant. My English is average, sorry.

    • Scrively Scrively

      Hello! I think this is really difficult for me to give a recommendation. In the end, you need to feel yourself whether this is worth it for you, or not. As to the risk involved – this is impossible for me to assess from here.

  2. Marta Marta

    Sorry, it was more about the quality of the pen itself. You provided this great review so know what to expect from this particular pen, more or less.

    The risks I understand, especially minus its receipt when the company could tell me there is no option to repair it in their official workshop or whatever place they use for repairs (if it needs repairs in the first place) and so on. A person working in a posh store explained several years ago that the unofficial rule they follow is to treat every item without receipt as stolen. Precisely because there is no way to prove it isn’t, besides now more and more shops allow this option to check a client’s account history online, so it is easy to prove that an item is legit. When one can’t prove it, something must be wrong…

    • Scrively Scrively

      The quality of the pen is certainly good. More details can be found in my review.

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