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Video-Review: Lamy Studio (brushed steel)

A little while ago, I had shot a review of the imperial blue Lamy Studio. Back then, I had praised that pen for being a really good deal at its price point: a solid writer for advanced users and a great pen for beginners that seek to move one step forward in upgrading their fountain pen game. This opinion has not changed. I personally still really like that pen and its minimalist, sleek lines.

One thing that has changed, though, is how I got along writing with that pen. It has a chrome section, and many people complain about it being slippery. Initially, I had no issues with that. And while it also did not really get to the extend of being ‘problematic’, over time I did feel the occasional slip of my fingers down the section. Since, as outlined above, I still am a great fan of the pen itself, I looked into the whole thing again – just to find that there is a Lamy Studio with a plastic section that apparently isn’t slippery. So I surely had to give that one a shot!

Having that said, here’s my (sort of) comparative re-review of the Lamy Studio. I would like to send out a huge shout-out to Fontoplumo, who has send that pen my way so that I could shoot this review. Many thanks, I am very grateful for that! Fontoplumo has also opened (yay!) a physical store in 2016 – so why not dropping by in case you pass through Delft, The Netherlands?!

So here’s the video-review – preceded by some quick facts. I hope the review is helpful and that you enjoy watching it!

Quick Facts

  • Lamy Studio – Fountain Pen, brushed steel
  • Brushed stainless steel body and cap
  • Available in black and blue-steel as well as some luxury models in anthracite or palladium
  • Available nib sizes: EF – B (steel) as well as gold nib options
  • Nibs are swappable with many other Lamy models, e.g. Safari, AL-star, Vista, Accent, etc.
  • Price: 35 – 50 €

Video Review

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