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Video-Review: Esterbrook Estie

Esterbrook is an American pen manufacturer with a long history. Kenro Industries has recently secured the rights of using the brand name – and has then revived this traditional brand, hence the slogan “Americas original (Est. 1858), Reborn (2018)”. Esterbrook kicked off this resurrection with a model called the Estie, which obviously is a kind of a nick name for Esterbrook and a tribute to the brand history.

The pen itself is really interesting and made a buzz in social media and the pen community in no time. Cigar-shaped, solid built, no 6 JoWo nib, interesting closing mechanism, no frills pen – and all this with a well-known history. Quite a good base recipe for a pen that has caught many an interest.

The most interesting feature of the pen, though, may be the separately available MVA (Modern-to-Vintage-Nib-Adaptor), which basically is an extra section that can take any Esterbrook vintage nib to be used with the Estie. Since Esterbook began manufacturing nibs in the US in the mid-1800s, there are still tons of those vintage nibs available on the market, often for little money. Hence, the MV-adaptor is a great way to use vintage nibs in a modern pen – and maybe even a ‘gateway drug’ for users of modern fountain pens that for different reasons never have pulled the trigger on a vintage pen.

Before we hop into the review, I would like to take the opportunity to thank Esterbrook Pens for supporting the review of this pen.

But now, check out the video-review below, which is as always preceded by some quick facts. Again, I hope the review is helpful and that you enjoy watching it!

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Video Review

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