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The Mechanical “No.1″ Pencil

This post here is the third part of what is a special cooperation between Scrively and X17 / X47. Good parts of the companies’ product portfolios are unique products on the stationary market, which is why I am glad about this collaboration which allows for bringing to you some posts about those great note-taking tools.

The first post of this series was on the X47 Steel, a flexible and nice looking book-by-book note taking-system. The second post was on Mind-Papers, which essentially is a index card-based loose-leaf notebook. This post here will be on the mechanical pencil No.1 by X47.


The No.1 mechanical pencil goes for around 40 € and is available in 0.5 and 0.7 lead thicknesses as well as a ball point pen. As you can see on the photos, the test product that X47 made available is in a classy and shiny black – however, the pen/pencil, that is based on the concept of a Chinese designer, is available in 8 additional bodies, which are mostly held in various silver-and black-tone combinations.

The No.1 was the first original X47-pen and is 10.5 cm in length. This makes it a very compact writing instrument, as you can see in the photo below, where I have put the mechanical pencil on top of the A5-sized Mind-Papers. Its elegant piano lacquer-style black color looks really nice and has some undeniable references to MontBlanc, in my opinion.


However being quite small in size, the pencil still just has the right measurements to comfortably being held in the hand. It should probably not be any shorter, but is a great and comfortable mobile writing instrument just the way it is.


The pencils mechanical system is “Made in Germany” – a high quality shifting-meachnic from the manufacturer that also provides the mechanical systems for brands such as Faber-Castell or MontBlanc. This steel-system also makes the pencil feel nice and heavy in the hand with a balanced weight distribution along the pencils body and, thus, gives it a great quality feel.


You can disassemble the pencil into three parts in order to refill leads or clean the writing instrument.


Remove the pencils cap and you are ready to use the replaceable eraser.



I do appreciate the classy look and uncompromising high quality of the writing instrument, which, in combination with its compact measurements (that are usually pretty hard to find on the market) and heavy feel makes it an enjoyable mechanical pencil that I personally prefer using when on the go – especially  because it just fits in any shirt pocket, which is where I prefer to keep my pens.

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