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Review: Kaweco Classic Sport Rollerball (white) & Leather Pen Pouch

Even tough I really love fountain pens, I am also a great fan of rollerball pens. Especially for my everyday carry, i.e. when I am out an about, I do prefer rollerballs over fountain pens. This is simply because when I am out, I do often write in a smaller notebook or in a loose-leaf note taking system, which at times makes it a bit hard to write with a fountain pen because the writing surface will not always be as even as it would be good for fountain pen usage. Also, I do not always trust ink converters or cartridges in my pocket – I feel more ‘safe’ with a rollerball. All in all, rollerball pens do make very reliable companions when being outside, while at the same time offering more writing comfort than a ballpoint – at least to me.

Then again, when being on the road, I do like a compact pen solution – something that I can always carry with me in any pocket or bag and that won’t make me feel like I really ‘carry around’ something. One such solution that I recently got into my collection is the Kaweco Classic Sport Rollerball (costing around 15 €) in combination with the Kaweco Classic 2 pen leather pouch (also around 15 €). Together with a Kaweco Classic Sport mechanical pencil (review to come soon) or, alternatively, the X47 No.1 mechanical pencil, these are my definite everyday carries (EDC) for note taking since several weeks. And I have never been happier with my ‘mobile pen’-choice 🙂 .

Kaweco CLASSIC Sport Rollerball (weiss / white)

The Classic Sport Rollerball – as all of the pens in the Classic Sport Series – is a ‘pocket pen’ that is made from plastic. I.e. it is extremely small and very easy to transport and weighs basically next to nothing. When capped, the rollerball measures only like 10,5 cm in length. I do also have that pen as a fountain pen  – here is a picture on my Flickr where I hold it in my hand, just for you getting a feel of the actual size.  

There is also a clip available for those pens (again, see the Flickr-linked pic above), but for the everyday carry I prefer the pen without a clip, because I can seamlessly slide it into the 2-pen-pouch, just like that. 

Kaweco CLASSIC Sport Rollerball (weiss / white)

Then pen pouch opens with two flaps, which makes it really easy to store away or take out the pen very easy, which to me is highly important when being outside. When I stroll across town and I get a quick idea or whatever that I wanna jot down, I do not want it to take an eternity for me to get my writing instrument out. I just wanna jot that hunch down before it escapes my mind.

That golden coin, attached to a tiny chain, with the Kaweco logo on it, then, makes the pouch really stand out – a great piece of design that makes me glad every time I take it out of my pocket and that I have got interested comments on when being outside.

Kaweco CLASSIC Sport Rollerball (weiss / white)

The rollerball pen shares the design features of the whole Classic Sport-series, which is the octagonal shape of the cap and the golden Kaweco logo that sits as sort of an emblem on top of the cap. As with the fountain pen, I do really love how the white colors of the pen-body and the golden design features come together. But then I am also just really a great fan of white pens 🙂 . 

Kaweco CLASSIC Sport Rollerball (weiss / white)

Albeit one could technically jot down some quick notes with the pen just uncapped (see some pics above), I definitely prefer to write it posted – which is also how it is meant to be used. Uncapped, the pen measures only like 10cm in length, which is really short. It works for a quick note, but the posted round about 13cm make a big difference. And the pen really posts in no time – just pop the cap onto the backside, that’s about it! 

Another practical plus – and not ‘just’ a design feature – is the octagonal shape of the cap. It prevents then pen from rolling down an uneven surface (not matter whether posted/opened or closed), especially when one is out and about, writing on the train, on a coffee table, or whatever. 

Kaweco CLASSIC Sport Rollerball (weiss / white)

The pen comes with one black ceramic roller refill (0.7mm). I like that the refill is quite big, holding masses of ink to write with when outside.

All in all, the combination of the rollerball, pencil, and pen pouch to me personally are an amazing companion for taking notes when being outside. Often, I do just wear a shirt or jacket when going somewhere, hence I do not have a bigger bag with me in which I could carry my bullet journal, other notebooks and writing instruments. I do, then, jot down stuff that comes to my mind, and, when back home, transfer it into my larger system. That’s it. Costing around 15 € only, I would also not be too worried when loosing the pen somewhere outside. 15 € is not a fortune, hence, makes the pen easily replaceable (also, I do not loose a pen every day). And, last but not least, the Classic Sport rollerball just looks so much better than the average ballpoint, doesn’t it 🙂 .


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