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Kaweco Sport & Bottled Ink: Piston vs. Squeeze Converter

Kaweco has recently announced the release of a long awaited piston converter. The fountain pen community was long quite unhappy with the squeeze converter that was on the market to date, since the performance was not always as seamless as one might wish it to be.

Anyway, Kaweco has officially announced the release of the mini-piston in yesterday’s newsletter, so here it now is. Some quick facts on the converter:

  • Costs around 5 €
  • Holds a little less ink than an international standard short cartridge (which holds about 0.75 ml of ink) – so my guess is that the mini-piston holds about 0.5 ml of ink
  • Does not contain one of those small plastic pearls (you know what I mean, right) which normally ensures the breaking of the inks surface tension – so let’s see how this goes in the long run. At times the ink sort of keeps hanging at the piston-end of the converter. Not a drama though.

I have already got my hands on one of the mini-pistons and shot a comparative video-review of the old squeeze converter vs. the new piston converter. Enjoy watching!

And this is what it looks like once the barrel is screwed back on.ICE Sport_piston converter


  1. Anonymous Anonymous

    Where can we buy this in the EU, do you know?

    • Scrively Scrively

      Yes, here for instance.

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