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News from Kaweco: STUDENT Demonstrator Fountain Pen and (long awaited!) SPORT Series Piston-Converter

The Paperworld 2016 in Frankfurt, Germany has just come to a close and German pen manufacturer Kaweco has lined up a couple of exciting new releases for the upcoming year, some of which are still top secret.

Two new releases however, are (basically) already availably from now – or at least very, very soon. They are not yet on the website, though.

STUDENT-series Demonstrator Pen

Kaweco Student FP transparent 1 freisteller


The STUDENT lineup that up to date consisted of 6 colors (vintage blue, yellow, transparent blue, red, black, and white) will now be complemented by an all-clear transparent demonstrator pen. While the transparent blue model was already sort of a demonstrator, the all-clear model will now fit that description much better, as you will (probably) really be able to see the ink color and also all of the interior much better.

The transparent model is available as a fountain pen (EF – BB) and a rollerball from now on. The price point should, as with most of the STUDENT pens, range at a bit under 40 €.

I will have a review of the pen coming, so stay tuned!

Mini Piston Converter for SPORT-series

Kaweco Mini Piston Converter (2)Kaweco Mini Piston Converter (1) “Finally”, I am sure many will say. After quite an amount of adventurous posts on the web on how to use bottled ink with any of the SPORT-series fountain pens (including eye-dropper conversion) and after quite some discontent with the current Squeeze Converter, Kaweco has now released a piston converter to fit the SPORT-series fountain pens. Not the Lilliput, though. I am very excited to learn about this release.

I am not yet sure as to how much ink this converter will actually be able to hold, which at times has been a complaint with the squeeze converter: it held too less ink for some. Anyway, I will also have a short post coming on that one as well as soon as it is tried and tested. I expect the mini piston-converter to go for around 5 €.

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