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Flea market-serendipity: Silver-Reed “Silverette II” typewriter (1982)

Yeha, been to the flea market today – it’s been a while. And I found this goldie here at a no-brainer bargain of 3€! It is a barely used Japanese (but sold in Sweden)“Silverette II” from 1982.

Silver-Reed "Silverette II" typewriter (1982)

I have, of course, tried it straight out of the box – typo included. This is the analogue times, baby! The black was empty though, since it’s of course the most used part of the ribbon. I will need to get a new one. Anyway, I could try it with the lower red part of it, which still works fine. I have no idea how long this typewriter has been suspended, but as said, I cleaned it up a little and it worked from the start.

Silver-Reed "Silverette II" typewriter (1982)

There is a nice lid it has, which is the covering of it and also makes it usable as a portable typewriter – the mobile media and laptops of the (not all that) ancient days! I guess you really were one hipster when sitting with that one in a street cafe those days, sipping on a latte (was there latte in the Eighties?)!

Silver-Reed "Silverette II" typewriter (1982)

It still had the warranty certificate taped into the inside of that lid – it was a 5-year warranty it had those days! The certificate also informs that the Silverette was bought in the University-bookstore/-trade in Gothenburg (Southern Sweden) and that it has been bought on the 13th of August, 1982. So it’s just two years younger than I am. Imagine. I really like that thing. Don’t know what I’m gonna use it for, though. Probably hammering down some word art. Who knows.

(Note to self: get a typewiter from 1980)


  1. Anonymous Anonymous

    Wow… the case looks like it is practically new.
    What a nice find!

    • Scrively Scrively

      Thanks much! It really works super well 🙂

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