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Flea market-serendipity: An unknown classic leather notebook with handcrafted paper

The past weekend was a great weekend. Not only, but especially for the stationery-nerd in me, as an amazing new (or maybe rather old) notebook joined my ever-growing collection.

As I was out on the playgrounds with our kids, my lovely spouse (who really tries to somehow comprehend my freaky stationery-passion) went on a local flea market for a bit, which is a thing we enjoy doing at times.

As she got back, she handed me this lovely surprise here:



Lucky me she grabbed it as soon as she spotted it. Just look at it how gorgeous it is.

tumblr_inline_ntxx2rd3VD1tbqgnb_1280 tumblr_inline_ntxy9ixVxS1tbqgnb_1280

I am absolutely not sure, if it is super-old or rather new. It looks pretty taken care of in any case.

It is about A5 in size and the outside of it is sleek brown leather. I don’t know about the manufacturer or label, since I can’t find any labeling anywhere in or on the notebook.

The notebook is basically made up of 5 books that are bound with a leather thread.

tumblr_inline_ntxxgrP5kT1tbqgnb_1280 tumblr_inline_ntxxf4POMv1tbqgnb_1280 tumblr_inline_ntxxfk3W3U1tbqgnb_1280

The paper has a smooth soft feel to it and looks handcrafted. I am not even sure if I really dare to write on it. Let’s see :-).



If anyone knows anything about what kind of notebook this might be, please let me know!

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