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The Essential Fountain Pen Guide (Pt. 1): Common Filling Systems & Piston Filling

Fountain pens, to me, are the ultimate writing instrument and a great pleasure to use. They are, however, also a writing tool that is maybe not as straightforward to use as a ballpoint pen. Fountain pens are not a science, but especially for beginners there are some things that are good to know in order to maximize the fountain pen-experience. That is what The Essential Fountain Pen Guide is meant for.

I hope you enjoy the ride and that these guides are helpful to you – maybe even if you are a more experienced user. Feel free to also check out my ink-reviews that also place special emphasis on lefties. Note that there is also The Lefty-Fountain Pen Guide.

What I talk about in this video:

  • A preview on The Essential Fountain Pen Guide-series and what this will be about
  • The 3 basic filling systems for fountain pens, how these work, their corresponding ink capacities as well as their advantages and disadvantages
    • ink cartridges (standard international, Lamy, etc.)
    • converter/piston converter
    • piston filler/piston filling fountain pen

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