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Comparative Overview: Kaweco Special Brass & Elegance

Kaweco is a brand with a legacy in the stationery world. The Kaweco Sport is an icon – and I literally had to employ a tag search on my own website right here in order to get an overview for myself of just how much Kaweco stuff I have already reviewed over the years. I guess it is safe to say that for some reason Kaweco is one of the most covered brands on these pages.

Having that said, this does by no means mean that I have already covered all there is on offer from the pen manufacturer from Nürnberg, Germany. While not exactly attempting to go for full portfolio coverage, there are two – somehow quite similar yet distinct – pen models that I had not yet, but should, cover: the Kaweco Elegance and Special Brass fountain pens.

Both are octagonal pens, fitting seamlessly into the heritage that Kaweco has with models such as the Sport. Let’s dive right into the commonalities and differences of these two interesting pens in the video-review below, which is, as always, preceded by some quick facts.

Again, I hope the review is helpful and that you enjoy watching it!

Quick Facts

  • Kaweco Special Brass & Elegance
  • Brass body (Special Brass) & Aluminium body (Elegance)
  • Chrome accents and trims (Elegance)
  • Fills with standard international cartridges or corresponding cartridge converter (c/c)
  • Available steel-nib options: Extra Fine (EF), Fine (F), Medium (M), Broad (B), and Double Broad (BB)
  • Price: 89 € (Special Brass) & 79 € (Elegance)

Video Review

Picture Gallery

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One Comment

  1. Brian Brian

    This is the first time that I have followed your link, from your youtube posting,

    Certainly take time and trouble to post those pictures.

    I like the look of the Elegance, but would prefer a plastic grip.
    I own a Kaweco sport in both plastic and aluminium, , and have come to prefer the warmer feeling when using the plastic version.

    I have , once, complimented you on your command of the English language; but may
    I point out a more “English” way of saying octagonal: oc-tag-onal ( rather than octa-gonal..). The second o sounding like the first.
    I know that splits the Latin derived word for eight , but thats the way that I’ve always heard and said it, all my life.
    The related word sex-ag-onal is pronounced in a similar manner..( not sexa-gonal).
    Carry on the good work , with your reviews.

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