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Kaweco Sport Series – A Video-Overview

The Kaweco Sport-Series is a very popular line of pens. While the Kaweco Sports are available as ballpoints, rollerballs and mechanical pencils, too, the fountain pen-version is often appreciated for making a great everyday carry pocket-pen as well as an inexpensive entry into the fountain pen world for newbies.

Now, while there are the different writing instrument types within the Sport-series, there also are many different colors and finishes – all of which may get a little confusing, if one is not very familiar with the brand. So, I thought to myself, I may well put together a little video in which I explain some of the differences in between the

There are a few more, such as the AC Sport, BRASS Sport and a numer of special editions, but I did not have any of these around, so they are not included in this overview. As said, all those lines mentioned above in themselves are then again available in different colors and in the different writing instrument types (i.e. ballpoint, fountain pen, pencil, rollerball).

Please find the video-overview below – as always, preceded by some quick facts. I hope the clip is helpful and that you enjoy watching it!

Quick Facts

  • Kaweco Sport-series fountain pens
  • Plastic, aluminium or brass barrels with accents
  • Optional clips available
  • Available in a number of different colors, e.g. red, green, white, pink, blue, black.
  • Available nib sizes: EF – BB (steel), also available as a calligraphy pen (only in black and white body)
  • Cost: around 20 €, the aluminium- and brass-models are costlier

Video Review

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