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Video-Review: Traveler’s Notebook (passport size)

Travelers notebooks are a quite popular everyday-carry for many people around the world for the reason of these notebooks being sturdy, flexible (i.e. containing – often many – interchangeable inserts) and good looking. Paired with a nice fountain pen, travelers notebooks make for an excellent companion for note-taking when out and about.

While there are myriads of ways on how people get really creative in even making these notebooks themselves (then usually called Fauxdoris), the most well-known one is probably the Traveler’s company (or former “Midori”) traveler’s notebook. Since it’s so popular, I wanted to give it a go and have a review of it on my pages.

Having that said, I wanna take the chance to thank the kind people over at Nomado Store for sending me this notebook for making this review possible. If you like, check out their website for more cool Japanese stationery and items for people on the move.

The video review is, as always, preceded by some quick facts. Again, I hope the review is helpful and that you enjoy watching it!

Quick Facts

  • Traveler’s Company (former “Midori”) Traveler’s Notebook
  • Made from tanned leather
  • Available in the two sizes “Passport” and “Regular” as well as a number of different colors
  • Wide range of accessories available, such as zip lock-bags, pen holders, and so on
  • Includes a cotton bag, a fountain pen-friendly notebook with 64 pages, and spare rubber-closure straps
  • Cost: 45 €

Video Review

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