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Video-Review: Stylo Duboc “Anshin” (Handmade Artisan Pen)

Once you’ve been in the fountain pen-world for a little while and sort of already know what type and style of pens you like, you may well develop a wish for owning the one or other more unique pen. While there are many limited and special edition pens out there that are often difficult to obtain or super-expensive to purchase, these are often still quite widely available (i.e. in the hundreds or thousands).

An often less expensive (however, there are no natural limits, of course) and most likely much more unique option would be to look into artisan pens, i.e. pens that are designed and hand-turned by an experienced and often rather smaller-scale pen maker. Alexandre Duboc – or Stylo Duboc – (here is his website (in French), Facebook or @stylo_alexandre_duboc on Instagram) in Paris (France) is such a pen maker. I have two of his pens, one model called Anshin and one called Rivoli. Since artisan pens are next to impossible to test-write or really see or hold in hand anywhere before purchase (except you live close to the artisan, meet the person on a pen show, or the like), reviews on these pens are often the only viable way for potential customers to get a clearer idea on those pens. Having that said, I am happy to provide reviews on both of these pens – starting with the Anshin today. The Rivoli will follow another time.

If you are interested in one of these pens, feel free to contact Alexandre via one of the options above. I am sure he can accommodate bespoke wishes as well. Disclaimer: No affiliate – I will not benefit in any way, if you buy a pen from Alexandre. But if you do, I will be happy for you – because his pens are really nice 🙂 .

Now on to the video-review below, which is, as always, preceded by some quick facts. Again, I hope the review is helpful and that you enjoy watching it!

Quick Facts

  • Stylo Duboc (Alexandre Duboc) “Anshin”
  • Ebonite body (cylindrical)
  • Polyester cap (cylindrical, no clip)
  • Cartridge-/converter-filler (standard international, Schmidt converter supplied with the pen)
  • The pen is not designed to be posted
  • My pen was equipped with a #6 JoWo steel-nib in Medium. Since #6 nibs are widely available in any size (EF – B …) and material (steel, gold, titanium, …) you can basically throw onto the pen whatever you can get a hold of
  • Price: around 220 € (my pen had a leather single pen pouch included)

Video Review

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