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Video-Review: Diplomat Nexus (100 year anniversary pen)

Wow, was I surprised to notice that it has been 4 (!) years since I have reviewed the last Diplomat pen – a brand which I have a high opinion of, and that I have reviewed multiple pens from.

Diplomat was founded in 1922, meaning that the last year 2022 formed their 100 year anniversary. For this special occasion, Diplomat launched a special pen – something they had never done before in terms of production style and filling system: the Diplomat Nexus Fountain Pen.

Diplomat says they named the pen Nexus to signify a high level of connection between technical innovation and ergonomic design.

Did they succeed, and does the Nexus live up to this ambition? See all about it in the video review below!

The video is, as always, preceded by some quick facts. Again, I hope the review is helpful and that you enjoy watching it!

Quick Facts

  • Diplomat Nexus Fountain Pen
  • All-metal body (blue or black anodized) with viewing window for checking the fill level
  • Chrome-plated clip 
  • Screwable cap 
  • Eye-dropper filler (capacity of more than 7 ink cartridges) with leak protection mechanism
  • Comes with a glas of ink + two syringes (for filling)
  • Available nib options: Extra Fine (EF), Fine (F), Medium (M) and Broad (B) / steel and 14k-gold nib options – here, I review the Fine steel nib (No.6 JoWo-nib)
  • Price: 390 €

Video Review

Picture Gallery

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  1. Alex Alex

    This is my favorite pen.

    I used to love getting fun demonstrators and all sorts of resin or thermoplastic pens. The problem is that I am extremely clumsy.

    Examples include:
    Dropping them, over tightening the cap, squeezing the section until it cracks while writing, breaking the piston screw while trying to draw up ink, cracking the barrel while vacuum filling, breaking the blind cap while trying to screw it down, etc.

    After breaking 3 pens in a row while cleaning them, I have since sworn off of any fountain pens not made out of metal. This has left me without a lot of options for fun filling systems. This pen brings back some of the fun of a demonstrator while still being resilient, which I require being the ham-fisted buffoon that I am.

    Also as you mentioned the Diplomat steel nib is absolutely perfectly tuned.
    It writes with no pressure, every time, without hard starts.

    It is my favorite pen, and I am happy that you did a video on it.
    Thank you for the video!

    • Scrively Scrively

      Very happy to read you are this happy with the pen. Wonderful! Hope it will bring you many years of joy!

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