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The Fountain Pen Guide for Lefties (Pt. 2): Notepads to use & Rhodia ReverseBook-Review

Fountain pens, to me, are the ultimate writing instrument and a great pleasure to use. Lefties, however, often face numerous challenges and questions when it comes to fountain pen usage. I am a lefty myself, and part of my “mission” and “giving back to the community” is to help in tearing down the (often not very high) walls that prevent left-handers from using fountain pens. That is what The Lefty-Fountain Pen Guide is meant for.

I hope you enjoy the ride and that these guides are helpful to you. Feel free to also check out my ink-reviews that also place special emphasis on lefties. Note that there is also The Essential Fountain Pen Guide to check out.

What I talk about in this video:

  • Paper options to write on for lefties:
    • Besides writing on loose-leaf or stitched notebooks…
    • …you can also write on top-stapled notepads or spiral-bound notebooks…
    • …with the latter, however, the spiral often gets into the way of your hand…
    • …hence, I show you some workarounds and also do….
  • a review of the Rhodia Reverse Book that can be used as a notebook or a notepad, which makes it perfect for lefties.
  • Quick facts on the Rhodia Reverse Book:
    • Available in black or orange (polypropylene cover)
    • 160 pages/80 sheets of excellent 90 gsm Clairefontaine paper
    • 21 x 21 cm
    • 5×5 graphed ruling
    • Cost: about 10 $ (e.g. at GouletPens) or about 25 £ for a five-pack (e.g. from Bureaudirect)

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