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The Bullet Journal-Workshop (Pt. 7): Switching my planning system to the Traveler’s Notebook

Scrively and the Bullet Journal - Background (click to expand)
I have become a user of the analogue Bullet Journal organization system a few years back.

The Bullet Journal-Workshop is meant to share with you the ideas, add-ons, adaptations and small improvements that I have come up with, as I use and refine the Bullet Journal in my own everyday-life – being the flexible and open system that it really is.

I hope this section will be helpful to you, maybe serve as an inspiration, and that you enjoy reading it!

Part 7: A compact note-taking package for work and private purposes

Ever since I do bullet journal, I have made few changes to the way how I Bullet Journal – but more changes to the format and notebooks that I am using for Bullet Journaling.

To review, when I transitioned from 2017 to 2018, I basically made two major changes:

  1. I went from the A5-format to A6 in order to have a more portable setup, and;
  2. Besides using the A6 Bullet Journal for regular task-management and note-taking, I also added a separate A6 weekly-planner to the mix – mostly because I got tired of the lack of a convenient future planning-option within the BuJo system.

While this approach generally worked quite well, a drawback was that I – in order to be complete – often had to carry three notebooks with me: 1) the A6 BuJo, 2) the A6 weekly-planner, and 3) also an A5 Moleskine for work-notes. In the end, this was just too much of a stack for me personally, so I wanted to think of an alternative for the year 2019.

After considering a few options forth and back, I thought to myself that certainly the Traveler’s Notebook-system would be one that would allow me to get all kinds of inlays (planners, notebooks in all kinds of rulings, etc.), hence allowing for me to combine my former pile of notebooks into one single handy solution.

In order to try this out, I contacted our friends over at Nomado Store and asked them whether they would allow for me to try this option with a regular sized Traveler’s Notebook so that I can shoot this kind of video right here below for you guys.

A key take-away ahead of the video: while this new setup has worked extremely well for me, I had to throw a B5 Leuchtturm 1917 back into the mix again; just because the Traveler’s Notebook won’t lay flat-open on my desk at work.

I hope my approach and the video below may serve as an inspiration for your own system, and I’ll gladly see you at the next Bullet Journal-Workshop!

Before we now hop into things, I wanna take the chance to thank the kind people over at Nomado Store for sending me this Traveler’s Notebook to make this review possible. If you like, check out their website for more cool Japanese stationery and items for people on the move.

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