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Video-Review: Kaweco Liliput

The Kaweco Liliput is probably the worlds smallest fountain pen. Or at least the smallest currently available fountain pen. What more shall I say. I guess this is reason enough for reviewing this pen!

Check out the video-review below – as always preceded by some quick facts. Again, I hope the review is helpful and that you enjoy watching it!

Quick Facts

  • Kaweco Liliput (black aluminium)
  • Also available in other finishes such as brass, steel or copper
  • Clipless design
  • Cartridge filler (standard international, short)
  • Available nib options: Extra Fine (EF), Fine (F), Medium (M), Broad (B) and Double Broad (BB)
  • Price: ca. 45 €

Video Review

Picture Gallery

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  1. Eric A. Silver Eric A. Silver

    I watched the YouTube Lamy Studio presentation, and as an experienced public speaker, I have two observations: first, a sentence should end with a period, not”umm.” Also, a pause should be marked by a comma, again not “umm.” In fact, this was the most frequently used word in the presentation, and destroys the continuity of what it is you are trying to say. A little experiment; write out four or five sentences from your presentation, and include the “umm” wherever you said it. Now try and read what you have written. As you will notice, it is so disjunctive as to be virtually impossible to read. Second: your presentation sounds as if you were ad-libbing the entire thing. Bad idea, because you tend to wander all over the place, repeat yourself, and leave no thread for your listeners to follow. If writing out a full script is not your thing, then at the very least, prepare a well-organized outline and speak from that.
    Lastly, YouTube is ubiquitous, and everyone wants to get into the act. I suggest you listen to Stephen Brown’s videos on this and other pens you have described, and try and see what is different, new or vital about your videos. If you are not offering anything new or different, what is the purpose of your video?
    Finally, I hope you are not offended by my observations, and I would be happy to correspond with you. By the way, here’s a trick to eliminate the”um.:” When you feel an”umm” coming on, pause and say nothing. Then resume your presentation. The pause makes you sound erudite. Try it–it works!

    • Scrively Scrively

      Thanks for your observations and elaborate comment. I am glad a renowned public speaker like you takes the time to leave me such valuable feedback. I have only taught at universities for a couple of years, which I am sure is not comparable to your valuable experience. So thank you, again!
      Not sure which Lamy Studio review you are referring to. There are two – one of which is over a year old and among my first videos. I also do learn. And not every video is the same. There is variation among them (which you, by the way, also find among the videos of SBRE that you are referring to). I do videos since one year – Stephen since about ten years. That’s like comparing a tech-startup to Microsoft when it comes to routine and having tried themselves. It’s a benchmark, for sure. Just not sure about the exact relations of the benchmark. Stephen does great videos and was probably one of the first reviewers on YouTube. I have certainly watched many of his reviews, they are good (some better than others, at least, Stephen is a human, too), and I do think high of Stephen. No doubt about that. But Stephen is Stephen, and I am myself. No need for comparing myself to him.
      Also, I am not sure I agree with your idea and view of the different, new and vital in the videos. First, I will certainly not double check if any pen reviewer out there has reviewed a pen before me already and then from there determine if I should review the pen as well – and if yes, what different I shall say about the pen. This to me is a hobby, not science or a business. Second, your statement suggests my reviews are redundant to Stephen’s. I do not agree with that. Most of the time, you will find me saying quite different things than he will, because we are two different people with two different perspectives, of course. Third, I do believe in a plurality of voice. Most people do appreciate (and explicitly tell me thankfully) that there are more reviewers than Stephen, because that allows people to triangulate opinions and form their own therefrom. There is also not only newspaper out there – even though the events the different papers report about are ‘the same’. I guess you see the point. And, last but not least, if you prefer Stephens reviews and find mine not suiting your expectations, you may well watch Stephens reviews. Or Matt Armstrongs. Or one of the many other people on YouTube, who also do pen reviews. And who all voice their own opinions. Which I personally find very helpful, because when watching reviews myself I always tend to discover a nuance or entirely new aspect that others have not covered yet.

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