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Video-Review: F.P.R. Indus (Demonstrator) Fountain Pen

There is a wide belief that the TWSBI Eco is the most inexpensive piston filling fountain pen that is available. This is wrong. While the Eco certainly is an inexpensive and good piston filler (I will have a review coming shortly), the most inexpensive ones that are readily available are the F.P.R. (Fountain Pen Revolution) pens.

F.P.R. does a whole lot of different fountain pens in different finishes – but they all have one thing in common: they are pretty inexpensive. Most of them are also available as demonstrator pens. One such pen is the F.P.R. Indus. Since I am a great fan of demonstrator pens, I of course had to review what I will here boldly call the world’s most inexpensive piston filler – costing 17 USD only.

So here’s the video-review – preceded by some quick facts. I hope the review is helpful and that you enjoy watching it!

Quick Facts

  • F.P.R. Indus – Piston Filling Fountain Pen, blue and clear
  • Plastic barrel and metal clip/trims
  • Available in a number of different colors, e.g. red, blue, yellow …
  • Available nib sizes: EF – B (two-tone), stub, flex (B, stub, and flex + 3 USD)
  • Can be completely disassembled – video instructions here
  • Cost: 17 USD + 3 USD for shipping (worldwide!!!)
  • Bonus: warmish-sweetish smell of Indian fountain pens

Video Review

Picture Gallery

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