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Video-Review: Cleo Skribent “Classic Gold”

When I say “German fountain pen”, the name “Cleo Skribent” is most likely not the first thing that you will think of. Unrightfully so, I shall add here, because Cleo does make some really fantastic pens worth taking a closer look at. I imagine that the reason for them being somewhat under the radar is to be found in a lack of large scale international marketing.

Having that said, I am very happy to – courtesy of a review sample pen supplied by Cleo Skribent (thank you very much!) – be able to fill you in on the “Classic Gold”, which is one of the entry level models into the Cleo-range. You can get the pen for instance at Write Here for an even better price than on the Cleo Skribent-website itself. Don’t ask me why that is. Also: no affiliate to either Cleo or Write Here – just a friendly pointer.

So here’s the video-review – preceded by some quick facts. I hope the review is helpful and that you enjoy watching it!

Quick Facts

  • Cleo Skribent “Classic Gold” (black model reviewed here, but the pen is also available in bordeaux and white)
  • Resin body
  • Piston filler with a large ink window (the pen is also available as a cartridge/converter-filler)
  • Available 14k gold-nib sizes: F (Fine), M (Medium), B (Broad)
  • Price: ca. 170 €

Video Review

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