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Video-Review: Faber-Castell “Ondoro” (graphite black)

This Faber-Castell Ondoro here is not the first Faber-Castell fountain pen that I have reviewed. I have already covered the eMotion and the Loom in other videos. Ever since I first got my hands on a Faber-Castell fountain pen, I have really been amazed by three things: their design (that does appeal to me a lot), their great price vs. what you get-ratio, and most importantly the writing performance – if you ask me, Faber-Castell does make some of the best steel nibs out there. While this shall suffice as a disclosure of my obvious Faber-Castell bias, it was natural to me to do a review of the iconic looking Ondoro, after having had such positive experiences with the eMotion and Loom. I may also already reveal to you that the Ondoro is my personal favorite of the three.

Also, I would like to take the chance to thank my friends over at The Pen Company in the UK, who granted me a generous discount on this pen so that I could shoot this review for you. Besides the splendid selection of other pens and brands that they carry, you can also get the Ondoro from them, right here (no affiliate, just a link).

But enough of the prelude for now. Check out the rest of the pen in the video-review below – as always preceded by some quick facts. Again, I hope the review is helpful and that you enjoy watching it!

Quick Facts

  • Faber-Castell “Ondoro” (graphite black)
  • Available also in orange and grey/brown as well as oak wood models // there is also a discontinued white resin model, which some retailers might still sell until they run out of stock
  • Resin barrel
  • Chrome plated cap and trims
  • Articulated, spring loaded clip
  • Cartridge/converter filler (standard international)
  • Available nib options: Extra Fine (EF), Fine (F), Medium (M) and Broad (B)
  • Price: 79£ (incl. a Faber-Castell converter)

Video Review

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Faber-Castell Ondoro

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  1. Great review, I love another view on a pen that is a staple for me. I agree with you on the nibs I have never had to touch an FC right out of the box.

    • Scrively Scrively

      Thank you Bob! Yeah, these FC nibs really are good. I also never ever had any issues.

  2. Gijs Gijs

    Great looking pen, but definitely one to save up for before buying. Speaking of the opposite; any chance of a review of the Faber-Castell WRITink?

    • Scrively Scrively

      Thank you! It is indeed a wonderful pen! WRITink: I’ll see what I can do there!

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