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The Bullet Journal-Workshop (Pt. 1): Color-coding the Daily Log

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Part 1: Color coding the Daily Log for a productivity birds-eye view


This post is a quick look at how I started using color coding in my BulletJournal’s daily logs as a means of giving me a visual birds eye view-representation of how my week went.

I always – at the end of each day when reviewing it and planning for the next day – shade the upper right corner of the daily log according to how the day went productivity-wise (I use 3 colors):  green  (none here 🙁 ) means a highly productive day,  blue  means “it went alright/average day”, and  orange/reddish  stands for “not such a good day/could be better tomorrow”.

I do use the same color coding in the weekly review as well by using the average of the daily codings. E.g. a green day, a red day, and three blue days will sort of make a blue week. Does that make any sense 🙂 ?

I do also use the same color coding that I assigned to each day on the monthly log spread. This will give me a birds-eye view of the whole month.

I hope this was helpful. Feel free to adapt for yourself or leave me a comment. Also, feel free to check out the other parts of The Bullet Journal-Workshop.

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