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The Bullet Journal-Workshop (Pt. 6): Moving from A5 to A6 and combining a Weekly Planner

Scrively and the Bullet Journal - Background (click to expand)

Part 6: Getting more compact and eliminating the drawing of Future Logs

In comparison to my BuJo-Setup of 2017, I have made two major changes for 2018 that I’ll cover in the course of the video below:

  1. I went from the A5-format to A6 in order to be more mobile (and also because I figured over the years that I personally just much prefer A6 as a format)
  2. I combine the regular task-management and note-taking in the A6 dot-grid BuJo with a weekly planner – just because I both got really tired of drawing out the Future Logs and Monthly Plans by hand all the time and also because there just really is no satisfying and hassle-free ‘indigenous’ BuJo-solution for future planning of items.

This means: I’ll keep the planner throughout the year for planning, reference of important information/collections and yearly overview (which also gives me the opportunity for a quick reflective glance at each year ex-post) as I plough through a number of regular daily task-management BuJos. The latter then basically just allows for (flexible) extended space that the planner does not accommodate for. Two weeks into the new year 2018, this approach works really well for me – a lot better than last years setup.

On a final note: I really use this system for task-management only. My more extended journaling and/or thought-development for other projects (e.g. books or articles that I am working on, blog ideas, thoughts, creative-stuff, and so on) all happens in other notebooks. I don’t find the BuJo-system particularly useful for such kinds of things.

I hope my approach and the video below may serve as an inspiration for your own system, and I’ll gladly see you at the next Bullet Journal-Workshop!

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