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The Bullet Journal-Workshop (Pt. 4): Hacking “Future Planning” with free Moleskine-Templates

Scrively and the Bullet Journal - Background (click to expand)


Part 4: Enhancing your Bullet Journal’s “Future Planning” with free Moleskine-Templates


So this is where to get the Moleskine-Templates (login required – registration is free).

There is a vast variety of templates available. You can download about any template that is also available in the regular Moleskine notebooks – and probably even more. Some of the available templates comprise:

  • Diary & Planner Templates, e.g.
    • Weekly planner sheets
    • Monthly planner sheets (the template that I refer to in the video and use in my Bullet Journal is called the Monthly Planning Templates for 2016 Diaries/Planners and I am use the size Large)
    • Project planner sheets
  • Dot grid, ruled, squared, music, or storyboard paper
  • Templates for foldable inner notebook-pockets
  • Templates for notebook-sleeves
  • Templates for city walks

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