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The Bullet Journal-Workshop (Pt. 2): Alternating week numbers in the Monthly Log

Scrively and the Bullet Journal - Background (click to expand)


Part 2: How to alternate calendar weeks with color coding


This is another quick post on how I use and adapt my Bullet Journal to my day-to-day life.

As might have become evident from my last post in the Bullet Journal-Workshop, I am somehow a fan of color coding. Generally, I do use color coding for various purposes while trying not to overdo it – if you color code too much and color becomes ubiquitous in your Bullet Journal, the colors might loose meaning and significance. Used sparsely, however, I do think that color provides very helpful keys for the eye.

Having just come back from a little vacation here in Stockholm, I just set up my February-spread and thought I might shoot a quick one on how I use color coding in my monthly log. As you can see on the picture, I do simply use alternating colors beside the dates plus adding the week number in the middle of each color-strip. This gives me a good sense of where I am in the month/year as it adds a rougher-gridded dimension to the mere date.

I hope this was helpful. Feel free to adapt for yourself or leave me a comment. Also, feel free to check out the other parts of The Bullet Journal-Workshop.

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