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Standardgraph “Malvenrot” (“mallow red”): Ink Review

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Standardgraph Malvenrot (mallow red): a rich pink ink with decent shading and lightning-fast drying time

Standardgraph "Malvenrot" ("mallow red")

Ink name: Standardgraph “Malvenrot” (“mallow red”)
Unit capacity: 30 ml (glas bottle)
Price:  5,80 € (e.g. via the Webshop of Seitz-Kreuznach – free shipping worldwide!)
Price per ml: ca. 0,19 €

  Leuchtturm 1917 Spiral-bound Notepad
Color  Red, with a strong tendency towards pink  Bright red with a strong pink hue
Saturation  Medium  Medium
Shading  Very decent but noticeable  Very decent but noticeable
Feathering  No  No
Bleed-through  No  A tiny bit on the 2nd pass
Wetness  Moderate – noticeably wetter where the ink poles  Moderate – noticeably wetter where the ink poles
Drying time  ca. 5 sec.  ca. 3 sec.
Smudging when dry  No  No
Regular smear test  Ok  Ok
Left-page smear test  Ok  –

Handwritten review on Leuchtturm 1917 paper
(scanned @600 dpi with Doxie Flip – click image to enlarge on Flickr)

Standardgraph "Malvenrot" ("mallow red")

Handwritten review on a Standard Spiral-Bound Notepad
(scanned @600 dpi with Doxie Flip – click image to enlarge on Flickr)

Standardgraph "Malvenrot" ("mallow red")

Standardgraph is a German company that has a massive portfolio in stationery. Besides that, they also produce fountain pen ink. While this ink is available in many local shops in Germany for instance, it is a product that is unfortunately almost unknown outside the German speaking world. Time to change that, because it is really nice and affordable ink. The bottling does not look spectacular, but hey: never judge a book by its cover! So let’s jump into it.

Standardgraph Malvenrot (mallow red) is a fresh bright red with a very strong pink hue – so to me, this is a pink ink. Being moderate in saturation, it still is a very readable pink. I like that, because many pinks out there often tend towards being a little pale, hence, difficult to read at times. The shading of Mallow Red is wonderful – it’s subtle, but you definitely see it.

Otherwise, this Standardgraph ink is extremely well behaved. Moderate wetness accounts for basically no bleed through while still flowing excellently from the nib. Behavior is nice on the papers tested above. On really cheap copy paper (which is also not meant to be written on with fountain pens), it does bleed a little. Mallow Red excels with lighting fast drying time of about 3-5 sec. – to even a little faster.

Pricewise, the Standardgraph inks are very affordable. They cost more than Diamine inks, for instance, but range in about the same category as (the also very affordable) KWZ ink.

As for its ‘leftyness’, Standardgraph Malvenrot is excellent. It dries at the speed of light and there is no smudging once the ink is dry.

Lefty approved? Yes. No doubt about that!

Post scriptum:
I will be reviewing more Standardgraph ink colors in the upcoming time. The whole color-spectrum is available from Seitz-Kreuznach (for instance) with free worldwide shipping!







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  1. Luc Luc

    I’ve been using this ink on and off for around two years and I must admit it’s quite enjoyable. Great review.

    • Scrively Scrively

      Thank you very much for your kind words! The ink is really nice. I normally don’t like pink ink, but this is one that is red enough for me to find it really special, too.

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