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Diamine Pumpkin (orange): Ink Review

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Diamine Pumpkin: a vintage orange with some amazing properties

Diamine Pumpkin on Leuchtturm

Ink name: Diamine Pumpkin
Unit capacity: 30 ml (plastic bottle)
Price: ca. 3,35 € (via the Diamine webshop)
Price per ml: ca. 0,11 €

  Leuchtturm 1917 Standard copy paper
Color  dirtyish, reddish orange  slightly reddish orange
Saturation  quite high  quite high
Shading  really nice shading  some, but not extreme
Feathering  none  none
Bleed-through  none  none
Wetness  moderate  moderate
Drying time  3 sec. (safe after 5 sec)  3 sec.
Smudging when dry  no chance  not at all
Regular smear test  okay  okay
Left-page smear test  excellent!  excellent

Handwritten review on Leuchtturm 1917 paper
(scanned @600 dpi with Doxie Flip – click image to enlarge on Flickr)

Diamine Pumpkin on Leuchtturm

Handwritten review on standard photocopying paper
(scanned @600 dpi with Doxie Flip – click image to enlarge on Flickr)

Diamine Pumpkin on Standard Paper

Diamine Pumpkin really is a special ink. First of all, I love the color. It is not too bright to see but still has a lot of character. I have used it for a week for my Bullet Journals daily logs and I definitely never got tired of it. The opposite is true: I was always looking forward to writing the next entry, just because of the ink color. I really like the vintage, dirtyish character that the orange exhibits.

The ink has a really nice shading, even when using an extra fine nib. The shading is beautiful on Leuchtturm paper, but can even to some extend be seen on standard white paper.

As for its ‘leftyness’, the ink is a dream: it dries extremely fast, on Leuchtturm as well as on standard copy paper. No matter whether in regular writing or when writing on the right page of a journal while resting your hand on the already written on left page of the journal – the ink is absolutely safe. I really tried as much as I could to rub my finger over some writing that had dried for some hours – there is no chance to even smudge the slightest bit of that ink. A leftie’s dream. Absolutely stunning!

On top of that, Diamine inks are very affordable, which makes everything even better. I am in love with Diamine Pumpkin and it is definitely gonna be part of my “always-must-have-a-bottle-home”-inks from now on.

Lefty approved? Of course, no doubt about that!


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  1. Great review thanks so much! After many many samples of other oranges that were too yellowy, browny or reddy for my tastes I landed on Pumpkin as my orange of choice.

    • Scrively Scrively

      Thank you for your feedback! I do also absolutely love it, however have not yet tried Orange Indien (J.Herbin) and Mandarin (Pelikan), which I aim to do soon. I am curious how these ones will compare. Do you have any experience with them?

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