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Hi there! My name is Michael. I am German, but I call Stockholm (Sweden) “home” since several years.

I am a doctoral candidate at Ludwigsburg University of Education (Germany), which is the professional activity that consumes the better part of my time at the moment. My research looks into the everyday uses of mobile phones in urban Kenya, which is why I have been on and off Nairobi the past years, carrying out several months of fieldwork. I consider myself a social scientist, moving along the lines of media pedagogy, media sociology and media anthropology. My background, however, is in economics. I hold a bachelors degree in “media economics” (B.A.) and a masters degree in “media management & electronic media” (M.A.). You are warmly invited to find out more about this and other activities on my corresponding website

Having spent the past one and a half decades studying, researching and teaching in both the public and the private sector, one thing that is naturally involved in all this engagements is taking notes and writing. Not just a bit. A lot of it. Taking notes and writing (besides reading and, hopefully, thinking) is what I probably do most of the day. “Writing is thinking”. Hence, it might not come as a surprise that I developed quite some experience with those things, having used a broad range of related techniques and products. Besides, I have also always had some sort of an emotional fascination for all things writing and note-taking. This might not least be because of the vocational training as a retail-management assistant and specialist for stationeries that I have undergone about 15 years ago.

So, here is Scrively – a blog that brings together the experience with and fascination for writing and note-taking that I have gathered over the past years.

Scrively is a blog about note-taking and writing. What you will find here are posts about note-taking-, writing-, and outlining-techniques (that is the intangible part of the story) but also product- and software-reviews (that is the tools-part of writing and jotting). The focus is both on analogue products and digital solutions, while favoring a best-of-both-worlds-approach.

I hope you enjoy your time here on the blog – feel free to circulate and share what you found and liked here.

Bye for now and see you soon,

post scriptum:
You are most welcome to always reach out to me via scrively[at] with any kind of questions, ideas, queries or suggestions for blog entries or product reviews.